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Welcome to Richard’s Guitar Class!

Hi, Guitar is a beautiful instrument to learn in one’s life. We teach Guitar and Theory of Music for beginners. Those who have interest in learning Guitar are most welcome. It is a simple and easily affordable instrument. We take it as our privilege to teach music for those who love it.

All the lessons are here designed systematically for gradual and technical development for a beginner towards the eventual mastery of Guitar and the Theory of Music.

We insist steady practice with enthusiastic determination will develop a natural love towards music, which take young learners to achieve the great heights in their life.

It is, once-in-a-life-time opportunity’ to learn any instrument. It makes one’s life meaningful. We believe learning music enhances concentration, and alters the perception.


Explore Ideas

We teach music to explore ideas and make them learn ways to play guitar that yield immediate results.

Developing Ideas

We make you understand each idea in music better so that you will be developing your own music.

Creative Imagination

Creative imagination is an important faculty in music. We provide creative platform to the approach of music.

Repairing Guitar

Guitar repairs, problems with electric guitars, string replacement and maintenance are done.


Each class presents one main idea along with plenty of examples, sample progressions or solos, full explanation of the theoretical concepts involved, and suggestions to help you begin to apply the technique to your playing right method. Enjoy your own music with Richard’s Guitar Class


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Class timings

6 AM to 10 PM