Melody Guitar

Steel String Guitar and Nylon String Guitar (otherwise known as Classical Guitar) are known as Acoustic Guitar. In the first place of learning Guitar, it should be started with the beginning of learning the Acoustic Guitar. Rather than starting with electric guitar, it is a general advice that every student should pass the test of enduring the pain to become a finest guitarist.

There is so much to learn in acoustic guitar. Starts with learning posture and then to the manner of playing the instrument brings successful result.

Reading western music notation is the basic for playing Acoustic Guitar. Learning western music notation for greater understanding of the concepts in music with great ease.

Students are given enough time to appreciate music and are given special assignments. So that they may develop their self learning, creativity and individuality.

Playing melody for songs is also one of the aspects in Acoustic Guitar. For this students are given training in the three essential things needed for the musician as stated in this blog article.