Rhythm Guitar

Rhythm Guitar is always suitable for harmony. Learning chords and strumming patterns and playing in timing are the ways in learning Rhythm Guitar.

Richard’s Guitar Class provides a wide range of exercises for the beginners to become professionals. Strumming powerful chords discloses its treasure. No wonder a man with strong determination and good practice becomes a successful Guitarist. Students are trained with songs and are encouraged to appear graded examinations at Trinity Guildhall and Trinity Rock & Pop examinations, London. Appearing grade examination and grabbing a international-level certificate helps the students in getting a right job in industry.

Rhythm Guitar works well when playing and singing gospel songs. It makes the soul happy.


List of the course tutors

Ben Smith

Architecture Student

Luiza Johansson

Interior Architect

Susan Barnett

Architecture Student


Everyday from 10:00 to 16:00


Architecture Faculty, Main Hall.


20 Sep 2016 – 03 May 2017