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Let’s begin Dear All, Music is a noble gift of GOD. It comes from heaven with divine bliss of love and grace poured abundantly. The art of understanding music and the art of playing Guitar is a gift. The art of learning to play any music instrument would help avoid bad companies, unwanted habits, and…

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If you are planning for joining Guitar class, You Are Most Welcome! Come and learn Guitar & Theory of music with good understanding

Types of Courses & Classes

Class timings are fixed according to the requirements. We are flexible.

Western Notation

We teach western music notation (also known as black notes). It is a classic way of learning.




One of the methods in music education. Also known as do re mi fa so la ti do’ method. A similar method to sa ri ga ma pa tha ni Sa in Indian classical music.


Guitar Tabs

It is a kind of modern way to read the western music notation specifically written for Guitar. It removes the confusion of ‘which fret?’ ‘which string?’.


Strumming Chords

We teach for beginners from the very basic level open string chords to advanced level ‘barre’ chords with understanding (musical understanding). Chord building exercises are often given for versatile playing.


Regular Classes

Classes are conducted on regular basis from Monday to Saturday from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Classes for Trinity Grade examination

When it comes to examination, proper training is must. We teach Guitar & Theory of Music for ‘international level grade examinations’ Initials Grade, Grade 1 to Grade 8. We have 100% result with minimum passing mark of 80+ in 8 grades.


Music Education for purpose

There are many possibilities with music education in building self-confidence, boosting memory & concentration and removing anxiety (fear), and also it helps very much for hyper-active children.


Classes at your home

Guitar Classes at your home for your children when you find it hard to reach us.



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Music Literature


Chords for Beginners


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